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Jesse Lee Artworks

ARTIST IN THE SPOTLIGHT: The New York City art scene is more vibrant than ever before. Galleries in Bushwick and Williamsburg, Brooklyn as well as edifices of art in Soho, Chelsea, and Long Island City are showcasing the work of new and exciting artists. You can also discover up-and-coming and established artists at local neighborhood pop-up events and street fairs. Not to mention the colorful graffiti that adorns previously empty building walls all over the city. Art is just about everywhere you look in the Big Apple.


Interview with actress Yael Shavitt creator of Amazon Prime Video series Split

It's a safe bet to assume that, over the past three months or so, you've watched more than your fair share of Netflix movies as well as prime-time series and reality shows.

Private Language Tutors and Lessons, NYC

Manhattan and Queens - Private tutoring in French, Spanish and Greek right in the comfort of your own home.

The Pomeroy - Astoria

Lady GaGa's Astoria Favorite! The Pomeroy in Astoria, NY, is about to generate a tremendous amount of buzz among foodies who are on the lookout for the next great gastropub.

House Of Prime Meat - Astoria, NY

Costas Moratos and master butcher Billy Skiathitis are the friendly and savvy team behind House of Prime Meat in Astoria, which has made a huge impact on the Ditmars scene.

East Coast Roast, LIC

East Coast Roast at the LIC Flea and Food Market.

Floresta - LIC

Floresta in LIC is a floral studio whose rainbow of colors, whimsical vintage decor and striking visual appeal is straight out of a Disney Movie.

Uncle Steve's Italian Organic Sauces

Actor Steve Schirripas, Uncle Steve's pasta sauces and Italian Specialties. Come join the family!

Chuta Madre NYC - Long Island City

In 2015, you won’t find some of the most young, dynamic and exciting chefs in New York at a traditional café, bar or restaurant.

Gym-Azing - Astoria

Gym-Azing in Astoria. Kids Gym, Fitness, Birthday Party and Event Planning in Astoria.

Unlimited Body - Astoria

Astoria - Yoga, Zumba, massage therapy, personal training, boot camp, kickboxing, fitness center, prenatal massage, Thai massage.

LIC Living - LIC

Gift Shops in LIC. The Best in Style and Home. Long Island City residents, Jillian Tangent and Rebekah Witzke, are the very fashionable and entreprenuerial force behind one of Queens premier shopping destinations, LIC Living, where every product tells a story.

Custom Jewelry - NYC

Jewel Dripped - LIC Food and Flea Market. Handmade, unique new designs, custom and fashion jewelry in New York. The Words "Jewel Dripped" conjure up images of actresses walking the red carpet at a Hollywood premiere, or diplomats' wives wearing their finest to a steak dinner at the White House.

The Jumping Bulldog - Astoria

Longtime Astoria resident Tania Firrigno has turned her pet boutique The Jumping Bulldog into the premier destination for animal lovers throughout Queens.

Bohemian Rhapsody

The Bohemian style is quickly catching on with fashionistas.

Shine On Running

"I believe that God made me for a purpose. But he also made me fast and when I run, I feel his pleasure. Bring to me my chariots of fire."

Luludi Astoria - The Zen of Home Decor

Home Decor - Astoria - Luludi. The blue skies and sunshine of Spring, turn our thoughts to shady trees in bloom, colorful flowers and bright green grass.

Body Language Tattoo - Astoria

Tattoo Shops - Astoria, Queens, NY. Body Language Tattoo is one of the best places to go for creative self-expression in Astoria.

Shoe and Leather Repair - Astoria

Fortunately Astoria has no shortage of shoe and leather repair artisans that have a solution to all your worn-out shoe problems. There is so much to see and do in Astoria. No matter what your pleasure is, Astoria has something for you. Astoria Park and Socrates Sculpture Park beckon the outdoor lovers among us.

Unique Gift Shops - Natural Foods In LIC, NY

Natural Food Stores & Gift Shops - Long Island City, NY. Treasures Of The Heart From Shady Park - LIC. Even though considerable time has passed since Superstorm Sandy devasted our area, many small businesses, homeowners and neighbors are still in recovery mode.