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East Coast Roast, LIC

East Coast Roast, LIC

East Coast Roast at the LIC Flea and Food Market.

No matter how different our lifestyles and sunrise rituals may be, the only thing that most of us can't do without is a cup of hot coffee to kickstart the day. Thanks to a former NYPD officer turned coffee entrepreneur by the name of Richard Comuniello, you can now take control of your daily coffee break and enjoy rich and flavorful eye-opening brews. As a police officer, Richard drank a lot of coffee during his morning routine and to help him get through the day. From corner Bodegas to small independant cafes, officer Comuniello sampled the good, the bad and the ugly. All too often the coffee he found himself drinking tasted like flavored hot water.

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After retirement from the NYPD, Richard decided that he was going to learn everything there was to know about coffee and roast his own beans at home, in the quest to become a roast master. He received invaluable hands-on training and advice from a local cafe owner and roast master in Brooklyn. After years of valuable experience, East Coast Roast was born. East Coast Roast is both Kosher organic and Kosher natural certified. This is a cup of Artisan coffee that you can feel good about drinking as you savor every sip.

At the East Coast Roast vendor table at the LIC Flea, the question of the day is "where are these beans coming from? This is a great cup of coffee." Richard explains that his beans are sourced only from regions around the globe that are known to produce superior tasting coffee.

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Coffee just doesn't have to suit my taste Richard says, it has to appeal to my customers as well. You might compare Richard to a talented winemaker with a formula of success. After all, roasting coffee beans is an involved process that calls for a dedicated effort as well as a keen sense of smell and an educated palate.

East Coast Roast offers a selection for every coffee drinker including decaf. They offer their coffees in 12 oz., one-pound or five-pound sizes. Richard really does have this stuff down to a science and has perfected the art of coffee just like the Italians have.

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When visiting the LIC Flea or E.C. Roast's other venue, Riis Park Beach Bazaar (144-3 Rockaway Beach Blvd.), stop by and say hello to the family. You will engage in great conversation while you enjoy a fantastic cup of coffee.
Richard, his wife Maryann and their three very personable sons, are "all in" when it comes to making East Coast Roast a rousing success.

Location & Hours

5-25 46th Avenue
LIC, NY 11101
(888) 393-9926

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La Masseria, New York City

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