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House Of Prime Meat - Astoria, NY

House Of Prime Meat - Astoria, NY

Costas Moratos and master butcher Billy Skiathitis are the friendly and savvy team behind House of Prime Meat in Astoria, which has made a huge impact on the Ditmars scene.

 They want to give Astoria residents a return to the old-fashioned butcher shop experience. As Costas so aptly put it, "we want to change the way that people shop for meat. We want everyone to enjoy the best quality of aged prime steaks at a great price!"

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This clean, modern butcher shop is located just steps from the N/Q Ditmars Blvd. Station. There's no excuse not to stop by and treat yourself to the finest cuts of USDA Prime NY strip steak, bone-in ribeye, T-bone and organic pork chops. Billy's signature chicken, beef, pork, lamb or amazing filet mignon souvlaki skewers can be ordered organic and are very popular items.

House Of Prime Meat 2

Billy marinates the meat overnight and dresses it up with oregano, salt, pepper and a touch of garlic. There's nothing fancy going on here. "Simple is always better," Billy explained. That's why they sell hundreds of souvlaki sticks a week.

Being a butcher is a family tradition. Billy's grandfather was an artisan butcher, as well. Prior to joining forces with his good friend Costas to open House Of Prime Meat, Billy worked in various restaurants, wholesalers and butcher shops.

House Of Prime Meat 3

Billy used to work in the neighborhood and told Costas that Ditmars would make a great location for their new venture. All meats are antibiotic free and many of them are also natural and organic. Now more than ever before, we are mindful of the food that we put on the table for our family to eat.

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Delicious choices are yours for the taking at House of Prime Meats. There's beef for stew, hot and sweet Italian sausage, spare ribs, veal cutlets, tenderloin, rabbit, picanha (brazilian-cut meat), T-bone steak, calf liver, skirt steak, as well as Italian pancetta and USDA Prime Beef burgers. You get the idea. Billy and Costas butcher shop is your one-stop place for dinner, lunch and summer outdoor cookouts, BBQs and parties.

At House of Prime Meat, Billy will be happy to grind up any type of meat that you choose. Want a very lean burger patty with less fat? No problem. Try getting that kind of service at your local supermarket. Billy's personality turns strangers into friends and loyal, repeat customers.

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On top of one of the refrigerator display cases you can find bottles and containers of Mentis Estate extra virgin olive oil imported from Greece. This is good stuff. Costas and Billy intend to add a condiments section to the shop with natural ingredients that can season and enhance the taste of your meat. Feel a little challenged when it comes to seasoning and marinating all the different kinds of meats? Billy will very patiently walk you through every step of cooking, including spicing up your meats and is always happy to share a couple of old family recipes. This is one butcher who also happens to be a great cook.

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Even if you don't live in Astoria the good news is that you can still enjoy House of Prime Meat's expertise and fine meats. They deliver to private homes, apartments and restaurants all over town. In fact, most afternoons, Costas has a full schedule of meat deliveries to his fast growing Manhattan customer base. Many steak lovers use House of Prime Meat to stock up on organic meats and prime steaks that are so overpriced in the City's butcher shops.

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Future plans for the guys include catering and BBQ cooking classes. When talent meets ambition and imagination, there's no limit on what can be achieved. In the meantime, if you've got a hankering for steakhouse-quality prime steak or prime rib tonight, Just pick up your cell phone, dial (718) 777-0104 and get ready to enjoy.

Location and Hours

22-55 31st Street, Astoria NY 11105
(718) 777-0104
Mon-Sat:  8 AM-8 PM 
Sun:        8 AM-3 PM
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